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Help with engine


New member
United Kingdom
What I Drive
Volkswagen Arteon 1.5 TSI evo act
Hello - thank you for this site. I bought a 2018 Volkswagen Arteon. The vehicle has 1.5 TSI evo act engine with a 6 speed manual ( perform from 4 - 2 cylinder)

Had to have an engine replacement due to piston slap. I was advised these engines loudly tick due to high bar rating of fuel from the injectors.

The engine and car are great, however, there is a slight knocking noise when low revving. ( Have video evidence) I had this noise before and after the engine replacement , so may be it us the norm, although I do find it difficult to believe Volkswagen would allow the engines to sound like this . Noise at low revs and tick over about a 1000 revs.

To me it sounds cam related.
I believe there are roller bearings assisting with the rocker guides which was my first thought.

The car runs well , extremely good fuel economy (approx 50 mpg) and good pulling power (no racing car). No one including Volkswagen can help.

Does anyone have an Arteon with this engine?

Does it make a knocking noise or explain what this is?

Is there anything I should know about this engine?

Any advice would be welcome

Many thanks Mike

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