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Infotainment Issue.

United Kingdom
What I Drive
2020 Arteon Edition
A strange problem today. After driving for around 1 hour, stopped and left passenger in car listening to radio while I went for around a 20 minute meeting. Came back to car with radio still on, but major issue with electrical noise through speakers. Tried to remove noise by switching off radio, but still continued. Continued for around 30 minutes, then became intermittent - electrical interference noise for a few minutes and then none. Switched off engine, left car, so all infotainment off. Opened rear door of car and interference still through speakers!!
Back to car after 10 minutes and still intermittent electrical noise.
After approx further 20 minutes locked car and left for approx 45 minutes and all been okay since when returned to drive for a further hour.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Sept 20 R-Line Edition with only 8k miles.
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